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Dear Editor,

I’m confused about exactly what can be worn on the official medal line on official parades. The MOD I suppose makes it clear on their website:

The term ‘official’ could be used to describe any medals for which Her Majesty, or her predecessors, has given approval.
So on occasions when Medals are appropriate, I believe only ‘Official’ awards should be worn. Essentially a badge issued by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency falls outside this criteria. But what of the ‘Commemorative’ Queens Golden Jubilee Medal? It was produced for all ex-servicemen and women who served during the 50 year reign and ACCEPTED for use by ‘BUCKINGHAM PALACE’ and approved by SSAFA.
The medal has a portrait of the Queen inspired by Pietro Annigoni’s popular depiction of a youthful, beautiful Queen, painted in 1955, which is now held at Fishmongers Hall. The reverse shows the Queens Armorial Shield and Motto.

I’m informed that it’s design and permission to ‘carry the crown’ as depicted in HM’s Armorial Shield was approved by Buckingham Palace through the Lord Chamberlains Office. It appears to meet the MODs criteria of an ‘Official’ award, and certainly has more substance than the governments (Not Monarchs) Veterans Badge, the medal requiring a minimum of 28 days service as opposed to 1 day for the Veterans badge.

The Veterans badge has NOT followed the awards full due process and is therefore exactly like so much other ‘Bling’. With this in mind the call once again is for all service men and women to be afforded ‘OFFICIAL’ recognition in the form of a Medal, not a New Labour Gimmick in the form of a cheap badge.

Best wishes and kindest regards,

Mr Anthony Morland