British Cold War Veterans.

The British Cold War Veterans are pleased that the Independent Chairperson of the Government Medal Review; Sir John Holmes has agreed to meet with representatives of our organisation to consider a formal submission for a British Cold War Medal.

RAF Squadron Leader (Rtd) Paul Tofi and former RAF Policeman Andy Davies will represent the BCWV and make the submission.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th June at 3pm.

Welcome to the British Cold War Veterans website

British Cold War Veterans are those people who served in HM armed forces (Regular and Reserve) during the Cold War (1945 – 1991), a period which has been described as the ‘most dangerous time ever in world history’ when
the powers of both East and West squared up militarily taking everyone to the brink of global annihilation.

It was a ‘war’, often fought covertly and in secret, but one in which the men and women of Great Britain’s armed forces, who served during this period, were in a constant state of readiness for what was seen as being mankind’s final conflict.

The freedom which this country and the Western world enjoyed throughout this time owes much to the men and women of Britain’s armed forces who stepped forward ready to defend with their lives if necessary, its values and democracy.
They served at home, in Europe, with NATO, and many other parts of the world, but they served with pride.

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Dedicated song for CWV's and Veterans in general.  Taken from the REME Past and Present forum. Tune and lyrics by Malcolm Farrel, ex Boy of Arborfield AAS and a REME Craftsman.

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